Who are you?

My name is Mark Del Mar. I'm a 29 year old US portrait photographer. I've been taking photos for five years now but professionally for only one year. I currently live in Miami Beach but have lived on a small island in the Pacific called Kwajalein for most of my life.

What do you do for a living?

I make all of my money from my photography, specifically the things I sell on this website.

What does 'Bleeblu' mean?

Absolutely nothing. It's gibberish.

What gear do you use?

I currently use a Sony a7rII, Voigtlander 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.1 and 75mm 1.8. Other equipment include a MacBook Pro, Polaroid 660 and Impossible Film, GoPro Session and a 2TB hard drive.

What do you use to edit photos?

I mostly use Lightroom but sometimes go into Photoshop. I use my presets to edit my photos. You can find them in the 'Shop' section of this website.

How do I get a lot of followers?

Post great work consistently at least once a day—preferably twice a day.

How do you choose your models?

This is always a strange question. It's personal preference. I can't tell you why I decide to shoot someone or not.

Where do you find your models?


Why don't you shoot __________?

Because I don't really want to. 

Shoot me!

First, that's not a question. Second, I'm not free.

Will you ever come to __________?